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The early days, Fluid and Truckerco.

The first few events I had product only.

US Cup, Fontana, CA.  Set up right across from the start venue.  Built a display rack for Truckerco brake pads.

Upon return home I built a better display rack, now a case, for Truckerco pads.  Now I do not have to do so much work setting up the display.

Clemon, SC - SERC event.  Picked up Fluid drink mix for testing.

MORR glasses set-up at Anglefire, NM

The week before Nationals we stopped in Big Bear, CA for a Pro GRT event, that had a XC race too.

Set-up was in the base lodge courtyard which was nice, but no trailers or vehicles during the event which was not so convenient.  The Expo and main races were just one day.  

Natonal Championships.  Mammoth Mountain, CA

We were set up right on the XC and STXC start line. Great spectating for us and great customer flow.  This was a good event for us.

The Iceman was one of the top events this year for sales.

With 5,500 participants all coming through the expo to pick up their race packets the expo was busy from opening at 10am to closing at 9pm.

We reached new markets for our brands and met many new to the sport and some veterans also.

Back out west.  NM was a stop of the Pro GRT and XCT.  The pit area was all mixed with our expo areas. I am set up in row with Shimano, Trek, Stans and some other downhill race teams.  The expo was as far up the hill as there was to walk and few spectators flowed through.  This was not a the best expo for an event of this level.

Putting the pros on our product.  Dylan Johnson, winner of 2016 NUE


First event of the year in Miami, FL

Bootleg Canyon, Las Vegas, NV

24 Hours of Old Pueblo.

Packed campground and a great expo.

Old Fort, NC.  Enduro.

Prize table and expo booth for this 2-day event.

Boston Rebellion, MA.

Concord Crit, Concord, NH.

The first road event of the year.  

Expo next to the podium and banners on the course.

Helen, GA.  Something closer to home.  Final round of the SERC series.

Living in luxury - the old camper.

Windham, NY Pro XCT/GRT - Break A Lens Challenge

Even teenagers can't break the lens.

Windham, NY.  Expo on the patio.

Lit up at night at Crotched Mountain, NH.

Solar Powered LED lights…

New eyewear display rack.  All my expo arrangements are custom made by myself.  Things need to travel well and set up fast as well as be weather proof.

Crotched Mountain, NH.  Part of the NUE series of 100 milers.


Customers bike with new parts.

Truckerco display box all painted nicely

New year, new camper.  This one is a keeper.